Covid-19 Shielding Enquiries

Thank you for contacting Beacon Medical Group with your query with regards to “Shielding” – the Government policy to protect the extremely vulnerable.  I have enclosed a copy of the link explaining the policy.

As you can see from the Government Guidance, you do not fit into a category that would mean that you would have to be “shielded”, but we would recommend considering “Social Distancing” – the link below explain what this means.

There is currently no requirement for a Medical Certificate (MED3) to be issued with relation to “social isolation” or “shielding”.  As Doctors we are not experts in Employment Law, but if you are in employment, it is worth starting a discussion with your employer.  Employers should be trying where possible to accommodate requests to work from home if this is possible.   The link below from ACAS which will hopefully help with any difficulties or questions related to work.

Many thanks for your understanding during this busy period.

Dr Mercer