Stay Protected – Immunisation for Children

Stay Protected – Immunisation for Adults

Flu Vaccination

The vaccination is the first line of defence against flu and you should take action early and have it before the virus starts to circulate in the community as it gets colder and winter takes hold. 

Flu viruses are constantly changing, so people need to be vaccinated every year to protect themselves, their families and the wider community. It is free for eligible groups, painless and quick. 

More information about the vaccine is available here.

To view our flu FAQ please click here.

Other Vaccinations

We also offer a range of other immunisations for conditions including meningitis, shingles and pneumonia as well as vaccines for those travelling abroad. 

If you require any vaccinations for foreign travel you need to contact your practice early to determine which are required. Some are free on the NHS.

Shingles – Immunisation for Adults

Shingles Eligibility table