Primary Care Network

In 2016 we were successful in joining a new national scheme led by NHS England and the National Association of Primary Care. Primary Care Home was started alongside community pharmacies, community health providers, mental health providers, the local hospital and local voluntary agencies. The goal was to join up our services, to improve the quality of our care and to get better value for the money that supports our communities in and around Plympton and Ivybridge.

We launched new services such as pharmacists help in care homes, additional mental health workers in practices, social prescribing and the ability to link patients with groups and support in their neighbourhood, and joint clinics with hospital staff to speed up specialist advice.

Not every new service has gone on to be funded, but together we have learned more about what we can do as one health and care community.

We are proud of the work that we have achieved together and will continue to empower patients and families to take better care of themselves, for communities to take better care of those living in them and for health and care professionals to wrap around the patients we serve.

Nationally the scheme has been such a success that in 2019 NHS England agreed to rollout the idea nationally to new Primary Care Network.