Women’s Health Hub

Beacon Medical Group are moving towards a Women’s Health Hub (WHH) model of care, integrating women’s health services across our practices to improve access, experience and outcomes in women’s healthcare. This will work alongside and enhance our strong usual GP system, utilising all members of our practice staff.

Identifying skills and efficiencies within our workforce we aim to provide high quality services to our women, in a setting that is local and accessible. While women in the UK on average live longer than men, women spend a significantly greater proportion of their lives in ill health and disability when compared with men. And while women make up 51% of the population, historically the health and care system has been designed by men for men. We are working at local level to implement National changes that are beginning to happen.

Our Women’s Health Hub services are expanding, but currently includes:

The WHH service will include both telephone and face to face appointments, as needed. 

We have included considerable amount of information on our website, so please do consider this when accessing our services.

Services are best accessed by the eConsult service and can also be accessed by telephoning the surgery for an appointment. Some of our clinics are accessed only by a referral from your usual General Practitioner, following a consultation.

Women’s Health Hubs are in their infancy nationwide. Please do feel able to offer constructive feedback, either positive or negative, via the practice.

Your doctor may wish to perform further tests in order to ascertain your personal QRISK3, a prediction algorithm for cardiovascular disease, and exclude diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Please do be aware that you continue to require contraception during the perimenopause.
The general rules are to continue contraception for:

  • One more year following the last spontaneous menstrual period if aged 50 years or over
  • Two more years following the last spontaneous menstrual period if aged under 50 years

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health guidance states: In general, all women can cease contraception at age 55 as spontaneous conception after this age is exceptionally rare even in women still experiencing menstrual bleeding.

Getting in contact using the online (eConsult) consultation form via our website is the most efficient way, allowing you to offer as much information to your GP as possible, prior to your consultation.

Every patient registered at Beacon has a named (usual) General Practitioner who will be happy to talk to you about your menopause.