Social Prescribing

Over 18’s Service

Please note that we can offer support to a person under 18 or someone who lacks mental capacity via the carer, parent or guardian. If referring in this capacity, please make the referral in the name of the carer, parent or guardian only.

Social Prescribing

We know that a person’s health and wellbeing is affected by many things, including social, economic, and environmental factors which are often identified as non-medical problems or social problems. Social Prescribing Link workers offer people time to explore those factors which are affecting their health and to find out what really matters to them; they take a holistic approach, supporting people to take greater control over their own health and wellbeing.

Social Prescribing Link workers, link into the local communities in the areas where they work. They have knowledge and connections with many local groups and organisations. The Social Prescribing Link Workers role is to provide advice and guidance, and through getting to know the person to connect them to those community groups and statutory services the person feels would be helpful to them, for any practical and emotional support needed.

Social prescribing works for a wide range of people, including

  • Those with one or more long-term conditions
  • Those who need support with their mental wellbeing
  • Those who are feeling lonely or isolated
  • Those with financial and housing issues
  • Those who need practical support
  • Those who want to improve their own health
  • Those who are looking for support and interest groups
  • Those who need support with work, education, and training
  • Those who require a foodbank voucher
  • Those who are carers or supporting others in some way

What you will be offered

An initial 45–50-minute assessment appointment, currently by telephone or Webcam, to explore what matters to you and what options are available to you
If we can offer support*, and this is something you agree to, we will then offer between 1 and 5 further 30-45 minute follow up appointments, also by telephone or Webcam
Any further appointments are offered at the discretion of the service
*Please note that there may be occasions if you are open to other statutory services, whereby we might redirect or support you back to those services to help address your needs.


If you feel that this service could support you, please complete the self-referral form online below.

What happens next is that you will receive confirmation by text or letter that your referral has been received by the Social Prescribing Service. When an appointment slot is free a Social Prescribing Link Worker will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange your first appointment.

You are also able to contact the Social Prescribing Service prior to an appointment if you have a question in relation to the service. It is quickest to do this by email if possible: although you can also call through and leave a message at reception to be passed through to the Social Prescribing Service who will contact you when available.

Here are some examples of some ways in which Social Prescribing has helped Beacon’s Patients

  • We have been there to listen and offer advice
  • We have referred patients to appropriate counselling support
  • Supported patients to reduce their bills and find out about their entitlement to benefits
  • Referred patients for debt advice
  • Supported people to become involved in local social groups and to obtain befriending support
  • We have referred parents for family support and support around their child
  • We have signposted patients to local interest groups such as active men, arts and crafts, photography etc.
  • We have advised patients of peer support and counselling relating to their cancer diagnosis
  • Where people meet the criteria, we have been able to support them to obtain grants to help purchase necessary items
  • We have given advice and support around being a carer, carers support and other support that might be available to the family

Have you recently used this service?

If yes, we would appreciate you taking a few moments to complete the brief questionnaire in order to help us improve the services we offer to our patients. We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

Please do not put any identifiable data such as names, DOB appointment date or time. By completing this form you are agreeing for this data to be shared with the Web provider and the practice to share in reports and with outside organisations to support feedback improvements.

Social Prescribing Self-Referral

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