Meet the doctors

We have a great team of experienced and highly skilled GPs who work across all sites.


jonathan-c                                                         gary-d

Dr. Jonathan Cope MBChB                                                 Dr. Gary Davies MB, BS
Glenside Medical Centre                                                     Ivybridge Medical Practice


paul-g                                                       David Gwynne

Dr. Paul Giles MB ChB                                                       Dr. David Gwynne MBBCh

Plympton Health Centre                                                   Plympton Health Centre


steve-h                                                         Claire Bruce

Dr. Steve Harris MB, BS                                                      Dr. Claire Bruce BMBS
Ivybridge Medical Practice                                                  Plympton Health Centre


                                                         Matthew Funnell

Dr. Tim Bray MBBCh                                                         Dr. Matthew Funnell MB
Chaddlewood Surgery                                                        Ivybridge Medical Practice


Jane Harris                                                         Andy Mercer

Dr. Jane Harris MB ChB                                                      Dr. Andrew Mercer MB ChB
Chaddlewood Surgery                                                           Glenside Medical Centre


Sadie J Jones

Dr. Sadie J Jones MB BCh                                                  Dr. Sarah Huddleston MB ChB
Plympton Health Centre                                                     Plympton Health Centre



Dr. Dafydd Jones                                                                  Dr. Udeka Serantine Niland
Chaddlewood Surgery                                                          Glenside Medical Centre


Dr. Jill Knowles MBChB                                                     Dr. Alison McEwing
Ivybridge Medical Practice                                                 Glenside Medical Centre


Dr. Amy Newstead MBBCh                                                Dr. Helen Richmond MB BCh
Ivybridge Medical Practice                                                 Plympton Health Centre


Dr. Louise Horrocks MB                                                     Dr. Rebecca Evans MBChB
Plympton Health Centre                                                     Ivybridge Medical Practice


Dr. Daniel Fay                                                                       Dr. Richard Perrett
Ivybridge Medical Practice                                                 Wotter Surgery


Dr. David Jones                                                                    Dr. Marian Langsford
Highlands Health Centre                                                    Highlands Health Centre


Dr. Gillian Bedford
Highlands Health Centre