Our History

Beacon Medical Group was formed in April 2014 when three groups of family doctors agreed to merge to form one single practice. Each practice had a strong foundation of supporting their local community for decades but wanted to enhance their offer – to provide additional services and to secure a service for many years to come. Early on, Beacon introduces new groundbreaking services which provided faster access to help and at times bringing traditional hospital services out to the community. Our Urgent Care Team for example has meant that we have offered 10% more appointments to our community.

Behind the scenes Beacon has invested in training and redesigned support teams to give patients a safe, efficient and consistent offer. Each year we host over 80 clinical placements in an aim to showcase what general practice can offer and to strengthen our workforce. Through Primary Care Home we have reached out to others working in our community to provide better wraparound support and to bring local community groups into the care of our patients. This approach and ethos attracted other neighbouring practices who were interested in our local focus and the support we offer to patients and to our staff.

Beacon has received positive attention nationally and has been recognised in several awards ceremonies and on stage providing insight to other practices across the country. Each year our Friends and Family feedback has continued to be high at over 84% patients recommending us to friends and family. However, we are on a continuous drive to keep improving and to provide the best service we can.