Patient Participation Group

Help us to shape our services

At Beacon we want to work with our patients, communities and staff as one team. This goes beyond the traditional relationship between GP and patient and much more towards a model where patients are actively involved in shaping their own health care and the services that we offer.

Our Patient Participation group is now running virtually across Plympton and Ivybridge , made up of a number of patients that represent the overall community – helping us to understand what patients need and want from us.

We are always on the lookout for new members to join these groups, so if you think you can help make a difference then email to register your interest.

What is a PPG?

A PPG, or Patient Participation Group, is a group of keen, motivated individuals who aim to act as a critical friend to Beacon Medical Group – with patient’s needs in mind and to encourage changes to benefit all.

What have they achieved?

Both PPGs have given us a strong forum for discussion when setting priorities and shaping processes. Here are just a few that have taken place in the last two years:

  • Patient surveys and suggestion boxes

  • Promoting the use of the check-in touch screen computers

  • Organising and supporting patient educational evenings on subjects such as Dementia and Stroke Awareness

  • Encouraged and promoted student and medical student placements

  • Informed the improvement of the telephone script message based on feedback collated

  • Initiated and informed discussion on topics such as surgery access and signage

  • Developed a new, improved patient newsletter provided in an easy to read format

What next?

PPGs will continue to:

  • Encourage patients to help themselves through education and self-care

  • Promote further patient surveys

  • Support staff with the introduction of new initiatives

  • Support the production of the BMG patient newsletter

  • Assist and support Beacon with various activities and events such as educational evenings

  • Assist patients through involvement with the local community through participation in meetings concerning local Health and Social issues

  • Help provide a communication between Beacon and patients where possible.

How can you help?

  • Contact your local PPG with any ideas or suggestions you may have that affect general patient care

  • Join your local PPG

  • Follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest news


To contact either the Plympton or Ivybridge Patient Participation Group you can email them direct on or Alternatively you can email us at