Progestogen Only Contraception

This includes:

  • Norgeston (levonorgestrel 30 micro-grams) 
  • Noriday, Micronor (norethisterone 350 micro-grams)
  • Cerazette, Cerelle, Feanolla, Aizea (desogestrel 75 micro-grams)
  • Desogestrel 75 micro-grams


Women using the progestogen only pill need a medication review annually. This can be done by the prescription hub at the surgery, when a prescription is requested.

Please request a prescription in the usual way, using the NHS App, SystmOnline, Patient Partner the automated telephone service or by visiting the Practice and completing a prescription request form.

Women will be prescribed up to 12 months supply of the progestogen only pill, at both initiation and when continuing, although it may be appropriate to provide a more limited supply (e.g. 3 months) for women who would benefit from returning for a follow-up visit.

Should you have any side effects, or wish to discuss this further, please submit an Online Consultation form using the following link:

Page created by: Dr Horrocks – Women’s Health Lead, Beacon Medical Group

Update: October 2020