Progestogen-only Injectable Contraception

This includes:

  • DMPA-Intramuscular (Depot) & DMPA-Subcutaneous (Sayana Press)

The Depot is administered by a Family Planning trained Nurse and review is needed every 2 years. Please make an appointment with the Nurse every 12 weeks using the telephone. 

Sayana Press is a patient administered injection, which review is needed every 2 years. To find out more, please go to:

Prescriptions for Sayana Press and Sharps boxes may be requested via the prescription hub and then review arranged with the Family Planning trained Nurse at 2 years of use. Please request a prescription in the usual way, using the NHS App, SystmOnline, Patient Partner the automated telephone service or by visiting the Practice and completing a prescription request form. 

Women are not advised to continue beyond the age of 50 years. Please consider alternative contraception at this time.

Should you have any side effects, or wish to discuss this further, please submit an Online Consultation form using the following link:

Should you require a sharps box, please request this via your local waste collection service (linked below). Sharps boxes are to be disposed of using the following routes. Please DO NOT return them to the Surgery.

Health Care Waste Disposal

Page created by: Dr Horrocks – Women’s Health Lead, Beacon Medical Group

Update: October 2020