Long Acting Reversible Contraception Service (formally the Coil and Implant Service)

We offer all forms of contraception at Beacon Medical Group. Women who are considering their contraceptive options should speak with their own General Practitioner or a family planning trained practice nurse.

Prior to the consultation, please do review the further information that is available here:

Long Acting Contraception Service at Beacon

The Long Acting Contraception Service (formally the Well Women Service) is a dedicated service for the provision of contraceptive implants and intrauterine devices (formally known as coils), to women registered with Beacon Medical Group. It is part of our Women’s Health Hub. 

We offer a telephone advice and triaging service, in addition to fitting and removal clinics.

Dedicated clinics are provided by our highly experienced clinicians, at a range of sites, over differing times and days, to suit all needs.

In addition to contraception, we also fit hormonal coils for management of heavy bleeding and as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

We fit copper coils as emergency contraception. Please get in contact as soon as possible, as these need to be fitted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

Long Acting Contraception Service at Beacon

For specific information regarding either a sub-dermal implant (contraceptive implant) or intrauterine contraceptive device (coil) please request a Women’s Health Hub LARC appointment. 

Please contact the surgery using the eConsult system in relation to your LARC request. This includes new insertions, replacements, and removals. Alternatively talk to one of our patient advisers or your usual GP.

All women will need to go through the telephone triage service before being appointed for a procedure.

book here

You will be added to the appropriate waiting list and contacted by text when you reach the top. Please do respond to these texts so that we can accommodate your availability. 

You will be telephoned by a clinician involved in LARC Service. During the triage call, assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the device chosen is correct for you, fully inform regarding the chosen device and book the clinical appointment.

Which device do I want?

Please do try to become familiar with your chosen device.

Important Information about Your Appointment

Once an appointment is booked, you will receive an electronic form of our information letter, either by text or email. Copies for reference can be found here

We have developed a robust recall system, reminding women prior to device expiry, to present for review. You may receive a text message in relation to this.

Cervical Smear testing can be performed at the time of intrauterine device fitting or removal. There is no need to book a second appointment with a nurse to perform this.

Information relating to specific cases can be found below:

Planning a pregnancy

For women wishing to have a contraceptive device removed to proceed to pregnancy, please commence folic acid and vitamin D at least 12 weeks prior to removal, ensure that cervical smear testing is up to date, consider smoking cessation and undergo medication review with your own GP. Once this is completed, please book directly with a family planning trained nurse for coil removal.

If your body mass index (BMI) is greater than 30, please speak with your doctor regarding high dose folic acid.

If you are on any medication, please speak with your usual doctor prior to discontinuing your contraception.

Coil insertion following pregnancy

We have a practice policy that we do not fit coils within the first 12 weeks postpartum, due to the increased risk of uterine perforation at the time of fitting. We also carefully counsel women who are within the first 6 months of delivery AND breastfeeding, as this also carries a considerably higher risk of perforation. Women may wish to defer fitting until 6 months postpartum, or until breast feeding has ceased, whichever is earlier.

Coil no longer needed

For women wishing to have a contraceptive device removed and not replaced, either due to no longer needing contraception or the menopause, please submit an Online Consultation for a Well Woman triage call and you will be booked directly with the appropriate clinician.

Please do be aware that you continue to require contraception during the perimenopause.

The general rules are to continue contraception for:

  • One more year following the last spontaneous menstrual period if aged 50 years or over
  • Two more years following the last spontaneous menstrual period if aged under 50 years

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health guidance states: In general, all women can cease contraception at age 55 as spontaneous conception after this age is exceptionally rare even in women still experiencing menstrual bleeding.

Coil use for HRT

Women using the Mirena coil for HRT will be reminded that they must change the device every 5 years and are not advised to have it removed without consulting with their own GP first, as it may affect other medication being taken.

Emergency coil removal

Very rarely women are advised to have their coil removed as a matter of urgency e.g. following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Please make this clear to the patient advisers, who will speak directly to a clinician and arrange removal outside of the normal route.

Coil fitting at the time of Caesarean Section

University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust are now offering to fit intrauterine device at the time of Caesarean section. This excellent service often requires follow-up, which we are happy to support. Fitting at the time of caesarean section results in a device being inserted with the threads uncut.

It is expected that these 20cm threads will migrate through the cervix and vagina, appearing at some stage both visible and palpable in the vagina or externally. Please do not panic, this is normal. Women are invited to attend the maternity day unit at Derriford Hospital to have the threads cut, or to contact the service for us to provide this service.

Alternative providers in the locality

We are very proud to be able to offer our Well Woman Service, but we are aware that some patients prefer to attend other providers. Locally the alternative provider can be contacted here.

We endeavour to provide a timely and flexible service, local to our patients, and value constructive feedback on our service. Feedback can be given to the individual clinicians, or directed to Dr Louise Horrocks, Clinical Service Lead for the Well Women Service at Beacon Medical Group.