Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction means being unable to get erections for enough time to have penetrative sexual intercourse, it used to be called impotence.  It is a common condition that often comes and goes and can affect men of any age.  Here is a link to a very useful explanation of common causes and treatment options:

It is important to note that there are often lifestyle and psychological aspects that need to be considered.

You can also discuss this problem with a community pharmacist (ie Boots, Well etc) they are able to have a conversation with you and, if felt appropriate sell you medication that may help.  They will also direct you back to your GP if they have any concerns.

We would not recommend buying medications for this problem off the internet without a consultation with a health care provider.

If you do wish to discuss this problem with a GP please fill out the form available through this link:

Depending on your circumstances you may need a further assessment and sometimes some tests too however this is not always necessary.