Combined Hormonal Contraception

This includes:

  • Combined (oestrogen and progestogen) Contraceptive Pill
  • Contraceptive Patch – Evra
  • Contraceptive NuvaRing

Women using combined hormonal contraception (CHC) need close monitoring. Women are asked to undergo an annual review. This review involves completing an online form, in addition to an up-to-date blood pressure and weight.

Women will be prescribed up to 12 months supply of CHC at both initiation and when continuing CHC, although it may be appropriate to provide a more limited supply (e.g. 3 months supply) for women who would benefit from returning for a follow-up visit, or women who fail to submit a blood pressure and/or weight reading. 

Please submit the following form: 

Should you have any side effects, or wish to discuss this further, please submit an Online Consultation form using the following link: 

Page created by: Dr Horrocks – Women’s Health Lead, Beacon Medical Group

Update: October 2020