Before you consult online
help us, help you

Before we send you to our online consultation portal, please read the below information to help your GP to answer your query. This will allow your GP to get everyone the right care, with the right person in the right time.

Completing an online consultation allows your GP to see more patients in a day because they have the same information they would get if they consulted with you in person. It will likely save you waiting in a phone queue, a trip to the surgery and we maybe able to simply email or text your advice or a prescription. Over 60% of patients are saved a trip to the surgery and on average an eConsult takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you can call the surgery using the phone numbers provided at the bottom of the page. 

Helpful hints/tips

Is today convenient for you?

If your request is not urgent and another day is better for you then submit an online consultation on that day. 

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We no longer offer advance appointments or have a wait.

If a member of the clinical team wants to call you with advice or offer an appointment they will attempt to do so only twice. If you cannot answer the phone please let us know suitable contact times or consult on another day.

This helps the clinicians save valuable time to see more patients in the day

Take all the time you need

The forms have been designed by NHS GPs for NHS GPs. We will ask you questions you would expect to be asked if you were in the surgery, but without the 10 minute time limit and the trip to and from the surgery.

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This may mean it takes some time depending on your answers. However, you can do this when it is convenient for you and not feel like you have to rush.

The more information you give helps your GP help you better.

Do you want your usual GP?

If you want to be seen by your usual GP and you don’t need urgent care, please contact us on the day they are in. Check below to see GP rotas.

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This helps the GPs reduce the amount of triage needed and ensure you see the GP you want quicker.

If your GP is not in, another GP will attempt to resolve your query and  may “defer” your case to your usual GP if you will benefit from this. We will send you a SMS to tell you that.

Let us know any requests

Help us identify the best way to help you by letting us know at the start of an online consultation any specific needs/requests.

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If you cannot answer the phone or have an appointment at certain times then let us know at the start of an online consultation.

If you need time to book a lift to the surgery, book a translator or need a advocate then let us know at the start of an online consultation.

Our clinicians manage their own day and the more information you give us helps your clinician plan their day around your needs.

How can we help you?

I have a specific condition in mind

Get advice about specific named conditions such as coughs, anxiety, cold/flu, joint pain, rashes.

There are over 100 possible conditions, so check to see if one of them helps you. You can always seek general advice from this page if it isn’t listed.

I’m not sure or have several symptoms

If you are looking for advice based on your general symptoms and you aren’t sure what is wrong, click below.

i.e. help for pain, tiredness, swelling, nausea etc.

I need help for my child or I am under 18

We offer select online consultations for children aged between 6 months to 18 for common childhood ailments.

Children under 16 must have a parent/carer complete the form on their behalf. Patients aged 16-18 currently must use the forms, this will change in the future.

If in any doubt or the condition is not present, call the surgery directly or 111 out of hours.

I need administrative help

Click below for any of the following:

  • Fit Note
  • Discuss a recent test result
  • GP Letter*
  • Medical Report*
  • Medical Examination*
  • Request a maternity exemption certificate (MAT1B)
  • Other – Ask a question

*may incur a cost, please click here for more information.

Please Note

eConsult has in built safeguards that flag you may require urgent care. It may direct you to call the surgery (if we are open), call 111, visit a minor injury unit, call 999 or visit A&E. You must consider this warning before reattempting an online consultation as we are not informed if you were stopped.

If in any doubt, follow the prompt on the screen.