Men’s Health

We offer a range of clinics and services to support men’s health and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One in five men in the UK dies before the age of 65 – many from preventable illnesses such as heart disease. Men are sometimes reluctant to talk about or seek help for health concerns or issues.

The NHS Health Check is an opportunity to get a free midlife MOT. For adults in England aged 40-74 without a pre-existing condition, it helps spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. 

Eligible patients will receive an invitation to get checked by their GP every five years. It’s important to take this up.

Top Health Tips for Men:

Get informed:
Be knowledgeable about your health and don’t ignore symptoms or complaints.

Vary your workouts:
The body gets very comfortable when you always do the same workout. Vary your exercises – with an age-appropriate mix of aerobics, muscle training and stretching.

Eat to thrive: 
Getting enough nutrition is crucial. Focus on nutrients rather than calories and eat a variety of healthy foods. 

Prioritise sleep: 
Get at least seven hours. 

Check your head:
Mental health is really, really important. Think about several things: Are you drinking too much? Are you paying attention to signs of depression or bipolar disorder, which often get missed? If you have a family history of mental illness, suicide, and/or substance abuse, you really need someone to help you review the signs and symptoms.

Stay ready for sex:
When you’re stressed out, not sleeping, or drinking too much, you can’t get an erection on demand, and a man’s erection is a barometer for overall health. Exercising, eating well, and sleeping well contribute to a healthy sex life.

Care for your prostate:
The prostate grows as you get older. You’ll almost certainly have symptoms, like urinary problems. A really healthy, low-fat diet will reduce the likelihood of prostate growth and may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Enjoy yourself:
Look forward to every day, to doing something for yourself every day, whether it’s a run or listening to an audiobook or practicing meditation or yoga. Don’t save up all of your fun for your holiday.

Find a doctor:
Choose one you’re comfortable with, so you can openly discuss all aspects of your health.