Non NHS fees

Fees for Non NHS services from 1st April 2017

PLEASE NOTE: From 1st October 2017 private / non NHS work requests should be directed to our Glenside branch or emailed to

The following are charges for services which are not covered by the General Medical Services contract and have to be paid as a private service.  Our priority is NHS work. Non-NHS work is charged in line with British Medical Association Guidelines. We review our fees annualy inline with recommendations made by the BMA.

Please note that we can accept payment by Cash, Cheque or Card payments. Payment for most services will be required in advance at time of booking.

 Charge VatTotal Charge
Private Patients
Private Blood Test£280£28
Consultation GP£36.330£36.33
Double consultation GP (20 mins)£69.670£69.67
DNA/ Paternity Test£45.83£9.17£55
Private Prescription- Medication charged in addition £160£16
Private Sick Note (first7 days sickness)£160£16
Countersignature- at GP discretion to complete£33.33£6.67£40
Medical Examinations and reports
HGV (30mins)£100£20£120
Taxi (30mins)£100£20£120
Proforma report, or Extract from records, No examination (20 mins) (insurance)£66.67£13.33£80
Ofsted Report£87.50£17.50£105
Detailed Written report, no examination - (30 mins)£100£20£120
Comprehensive report and examination (45 mins)£144.33£28.87£173.20
Reports and Forms
Simple Form, Insurance Claim Form, Police form, no examination £33.33£6.67£40
Disability Allowance£33.50£6.70£40.20
DS1500 Form£17£3.40£20.40
Private Letter - General£33.33£6.67£40
Private Letter- Incapacity to perform specific activity£33.330£33.33
Fit To -form incl; school, sport, gym, to perform.£33.33£6.67£40
Adoption/ Fostering
Child Medical AME£97.910£97.91
Adoption/ Fostering assessment form£73.86£14.77£88.63
Adoption/ Fostering update report£41.33£8.27£49.60
Hep B Single Vaccine Travel £350£35
Men AWCY£650£65
Meningitis B- (Bexsero) private pts not registered. Per dose£110.500£110.50
Yellow Fever£550£55
Re-issue of yellow fever certificate£17.500£17.50
Occ Health Vaccinations
Hep B Occupational Health Course (Lab charge direct to employer/ patient)£120.50£120.50
Patient access to Notes
Copy of computer record only £100£10
Photo copy of records per page£0.500£0.50
Photo copy of records- Full£500£50