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Timelines for Prescriptions

See the table below as a guideline for ordering prescriptions. Allow 7 days for the pharmacy to complete your prescription from the processed by Beacon date.

Prescriptions can be ordered 10 days in advance.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday AM (before 11am)Thursday PM (after 5pm)
Monday PM (before 5pm)Friday AM (after 11am)
Tuesday AM (before 11am)Friday PM (after 5pm)
Tuesday PM (before 5pm)Monday AM (after 11am)
Wednesday AM (before 11am)Monday PM (after 5pm)
Wednesday PM (before 5pm)Tuesday AM (after 11am)
Thursday AM (before 11am)Tuesday PM (after 5pm)
Thursday PM (before 5pm)Wednesday AM (after 11am)
Friday AM (before 11am)Wednesday PM (after 5pm)
Friday PM (before 5pm)Thursday AM (after 11am)

Please note if your medication is due for a review, you need an annual review, bloods or it’s an item not on regular repeats this could take longer, and the team will notify you of the delay.