Student placements

We are delighted that you are considering Beacon Medical Group for your student placement and aim to be an enthusiastic, well-organised practice providing good quality teaching with consistent learning opportunities whilst assuring our commitment to patient care.

As the largest GP training provider in the area we support among the best emerging talent across all disciplines including Trainee Doctors, Med Students, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Paramedics, Trainee Nurses, Physician Associates and the Special Study Unit at Plymouth Medical School for their management modules. We also have links with UCL and Warwick University.

Our Practices have each been training for more than 20 years and this vast experience and knowledge underpins our current training. We encourage a culture of continuous development throughout the Group and we intend to be a leader amongst training providers.

We have developed a real flair for training and our trainers undertake continual professional development to ensure the best possible guidance advice and training is delivered.

We value students coming to us and we aim to create a supportive learning environment providing learning opportunities which will form the basis of their practice, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Each student will receive a personalised induction timetable flexible enough to allow for some variation when taking into account your particular learning needs.

For more information about our student placements or to apply email

See What Past Students Have Said

“Fantastic placement – really well organised in facilitating me having my own clinics. Well organised in my room being close to the room of the GP I’m feeding back to.” – Year 4 Student

“It was good to be running my own clinic, with a set time of 20 minutes to see patients. This allowed me to take a good history and do an appropriate examination within the time permitted. It was good to have a clinic a day, meaning that I saw between 10-12 patients as week. Many learning points came out of the week and was really good to be integrating my skills. Thank you to all the staff – even the receptionists… for being incredibly welcoming and supportive during my two weeks so far!” – Year 4 Student

“GP kept engaging with me throughout and provided me with clear explanations of the joint injections that were going to be administered. Talked through ethical dilemmas and also current issues faced by the surgery. Really useful placement overall” – Year 1 Student