Practice manager Claire becomes a flu fighter

Practice manager Claire becomes a flu fighter

As the practice approaches its busiest time of year, staff at Beacon Medical Group are being encouraged to take steps to protect themselves, patients, their colleagues and family by getting a flu jab.

And Practice Manager, Claire Oatway, is hoping to lead by example in encouraging staff to get vaccinated so they can continue to provide the vital services and protect all those they come into contact with.

“Working in general practice we have a duty to ensure that we protect our patients, as well as our families, friends, colleagues and ourselves from this virus,” said Claire. “Getting the flu jab is the best way of avoiding flu at the same time as protecting the people we care for and loved ones. The process is virtually painless and takes just a few seconds but its benefits are huge – potentially saving lives. Our staff provide vital services to our local communities therefore it is essential that they all get themselves vaccinated and I would urge all our eligible patients to do the same.”

Healthcare workers are more likely to be exposed to the influenza virus, particularly during winter months when some of the people in their care will be infected, so it is vital to reduce the impact of flu to protect patient care.

Dr Jonathan Cope, managing GP partner at Beacon, said: “Getting the flu vaccine is something we can all do to protect ourselves, our patients and the practice. I have the jab every year— it’s quick and easy, and the best time to have it is now before winter truly sets in.

“Flu can be serious and I don’t want staff to run that risk when they could protect themselves by having a simple and quick vaccination. You can carry and pass the virus on to others without having any symptoms yourself, so even if you consider yourself healthy, you might be risking the lives of others.

“Our staff are all vital to the practice – ensuring we are fit and ready to face the winter is really important for the patients who depend on us for their care.”

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