Patient Notice: Planned postal strikes

In anticipation of the planned Royal Mail postal strikes on 26 and 31 August 2022, then further strikes on the 8 and 9 September 2022, we would like to make our patients aware that if you use postal prescription services such as Pharmacy 2 U, you may need to consider using a local pharmacy for this for a one off time otherwise this would mean a change of contract.

How do I change my nominated pharmacy?

If you have access to use online services such as the NHS App, you can do this by selecting “”change my nominated pharmacy” and updating this for one time only.

Alternatively, you can request this by filling in a prescription form and posting this in our practice post boxes which are emptied twice a day by members of our team.

Please note that any patients who are in receipt of a controlled drug will not be able to have these issued early to them.