Patient Access Questionnaire

The Patient Participation Group is a channel for patients to get involved in shaping health services in our area. Over the last 12 months, we have influenced how the practice manages appointments, how the waiting rooms look and changes in the staffing structure.

On your behalf, we carry out regular surveys and have chosen to focus in on access to help. This ranges from the moment you phone the surgery through to how you find out about other help in the local area.

We have asked questions about you to help us to see if some groups of people find it harder to access support than others. We have heard mixed feedback from patients in our group and in our community. We have included a general comments box and encourage you to be honest and constructive in your feedback.

We’ll be collecting surveys throughout June and will be putting results on the Patient Participation Group noticeboard in the waiting room.

Thank you

1. How do you usually make an appointment to see someone at the practice?
TelephoneOnlineIn person

2. When you telephone how easy do you find it to make the appointment you want?
Very easyEasyNot easy

3. How long does it usually take you to make an appointment by phone?
Not longAverageQuite a long time

4. When you telephoned for your most recent appointment was the patient advisor (receptionist)? Please tick any that apply.
PoliteHelpfulAble to deal with your enquiry

5. When making your most recent appointment which type of practitioner did you see?

6. Was this person able to deal with your problem satisfactorily?

7. If you saw a G.P. was he or she the person you wanted to see?
YesNoNot applicable

8. Do you know the opening times of the surgery?

9. Do the opening hours fit around your lifestyle (work, school, family responsibilities etc.)?

10. How do you normally get to the surgery?
Car or other vehicleBusBicycleOn foot

11. Do you find the surgery easy to reach?

12. Can you usually find a car parking space?
YesNoNot applicable

13. Inside the building is it easy to access the various rooms?

14. Are you aware of the health and local community information available at your surgery?

15. Are you aware there is a Beacon Newsletter?

16. Which practice do you normally attend?

17. What is your approximate age?
Under 2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-7070+

18. What is your occupation?
Pupil or StudentWorkingRetiredWorking age but not currently employed

19. Gender

20. Any other comments?