“I am thankful for them saving my mums life and supporting her to be with us still.”
“I have a daughter that was diagnosed as type 1 (diabetic) when she was 8 years old, she is now 53, NHS has supported her all these years with this condition. What would we have done with the NHS. ”
“I and my family are very grateful for the NHS. Long may it continue.”
“Thanks too for our local doctors and nurses.”
“We need the NHS. Celebrate a nurse.”
“The Doctors at this Practise have been wonderful to me and my husband who’s life they saved.”
“I am thankful to the NHS for my life. Diagnosing my cancer early and treating me brilliantly.”
“Thankful for the safe arrival of my children.”
“Without it my wife would probably not be alive.”
“Always very thorough, kind and supportive. Long may our NHS continue, thank you.”
“Thank you for all the hard work you do for the NHS.”
“I am thankful for the fantastic service the nurses provide.”
“Many thanks for all your kindness and concern.”
“Neringa – has been caring and consistent whilst attending to an injury to my arm – thank you.”
“Most not lose the most important service to all.”
“Proud to be a part of the NHS. Thankful for all the wonderful service it has provided and for the extra time we have been given with our son.
Very impressed with Dr. Jesscia Rainford & Shona on reception, many thanks to both of you!”
“Thanks to all who work for the NHS. Long may the service continue.
Really grateful to the Doctors and Nurses and Receptionists for looking after me.”
“I am thankful for the NHS for always being there you need them.”
“Because most of you do your work with a smile which makes being of ill health much less stressful. God bless you all.”
“Neringa- Thank you for being kind and caring. You are the best!!!”
“I am thankful for the caring service that the NHS has provided for 70 years!”
“A wonderful blessing to everyone in the NHS. I’ve had Renal Dialysis, my brother successful cancer treatment, my father a triple bypass success all still very well cared for.”
“I am thankful to the NHS for the care & treatment they gave my father during a serious illness. ”