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COVID vaccination enquiries can be directed to CCG mailbox

The CCG’s COVID booking mailbox has increasingly been receiving emails for patients and staff groups with a wide range of questions.  A new process has been developed to assist practices and ensure responses can be provided in a systematic and consistent manner.

  1. Queries from both practices and the public can be raised via a Microsoft form or can be directed to or by calling 01752 398836 and leaving a voicemail – the telephone number to be monitored 8.30am-4pm Monday to Friday. Email will have an automated message on to share link.
  2. Responses via the forms link will automatically be updated on the spreadsheet within teams, the team will review the query and respond appropriately, response may take longer if a clinical opinion is needed.
  3. The spreadsheet will be reviewed regularly, and the team will update the spreadsheet with actions carried out within the inbox. The spreadsheet can be analysed to monitor different types of queries and ensure a consistent message is shared