Changes to on-the-day appointing system for Glenside patients

Changes to on-the-day appointing system for Glenside patients

Need an on the day appointment?

Currently at Glenside there is an on the day appointing system that allows patients with urgent symptoms to be able to make an appointment or have a phone call back.


We will still be offering on the day appointing just not at first point of contact with the Patient Advisors. When you call through the Patient Advisor will ask you some information about why you are calling for on the day treatment or advice.

This is not so they can diagnose you, but is so they can add your details to the Duty GP list and then the most appropriate person to help you will call you back to discuss symptoms and arrange treatment or an appointment within our Duty Team.

From 30th May Patient Advisors will no longer be booking on the day appointments

Why is this changing?

We have a team of very skilled people who are all specialist in their own area. For example the best person to deal with medication queries or side effects might be our Clinical Pharmacist not a GP. We want the right person dealing with your needs.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation, the Beacon team 🙂

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