No Waiting Room

Get seen by the right person, at the right time with our ‘NO WAITING ROOM’

Tired of having to wait to see your GP? Your surgery now has an Urgent Care Team comprising Practice Pharmacists, Advanced Paramedic Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and General Practitioners providing you with the right specialist, at the right time. We want you to Quit Waiting so we have introduced the No Waiting Room.

Why have we done this?

Patient demand for GP appointments is at an all-time high. We manage six GP Surgeries and are fully aware that the result of this for our patients is increased waiting times, decreased satisfaction and potentially the wrong clinical care.

In 2015, GPs across the whole of the city had to deal with a 20% increase in the number of patient consultations compared with figures 5 years ago. This number is expected to rise another 12% by the end of 2016, and with each patient seeing their GP an average of 6 times per year doctors are left feeling over worked, underpaid and demoralised.

Unfortunately, the budget for general practice has stayed the same over the past 8 years due to financial challenges and deficits in the sector. This has led to 86% of GPs reporting that there has been a reduction in morale in the past year alone. With things predicted to get worse before they improve we need to think of alternative solutions that benefit both patients and GPs.

By adding a Practice Pharmacist, Advanced Paramedic Practitioner and Nurse Practitioner to our surgery’s Urgent Care Team, patients of the Plympton Health Centre will now have access to alternative, yet equally professional services. Therefore, by signposting you to other services waiting times will be reduced, clinical care improved and the number of pre-bookable appointments increased.

We have put into place a simple solution to raise your awareness of the alternative to waiting. By using the traditional waiting room as a vehicle, we have introduced our patients to the simple alternative of a ‘NO WAITING ROOM’ policy.

The Beacon Medical Group is the first to introduce this kind of innovative solution into their surgeries.

What is the No Waiting Room and how can it help me?

The No Waiting Room provides you with the right care, by the right person, at the right time.

Instead of spending time sitting in your doctor’s waiting room we can signpost you to an alternative service; the right one for your needs.

Meet the Urgent Care Team below and find out what they can do for you:

Our Practice Pharmacists are trained experts in medicines and their effect on the body. For all queries about medications, diagnoses and treatment of common ailments, they are the best to answer your questions.

Our Advanced Paramedic Practitioners have a highly specialist role; they are best placed to deal with any acute conditions such as, chest and back pain, as well as minor injuries.

Our Nurse Practitioners are highly experienced in offering quick access to treatment to prevent prolonged illness. They see most patients presenting with a new complaint, diagnose, prescribe, review or refer to the General Practitioner if needed. The majority of these new complaints are often minor, which may either need treatment of just advice from the Nurse Practitioner.

All members of our Urgent Care Team are trained to help patients over the phone, which means you can often get the support you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Make an appointment now

To access the No Waiting Room simply ask about this when making your appointment your appointment at the Plympton Health Centre. Contact the surgery on the number displayed above, or save even more time by making your appointment online.