A stronger future for your family’s health

A stronger future for your family’s health

We are excited to announce that Beacon Medical Group and Glenside Medical Centre are in discussion with intention to ‘merge’ and become one practice. The partners of Glenside Medical Centre and Beacon Medical Group have had a series of positive, friendly and fruitful meetings to discuss how a closer working relationship might benefit the population of Plympton. We would like to formalise these discussions by joining to form a single entity.

We feel this is a fantastic opportunity to improve services offered to our community. We intend to achieve this by pooling our expertise and developing our relationships with our community and our community services. The NHS, and General Practice in particular is facing unprecedented pressures, working together we feel we can create an adaptable and thriving practice.

As a patient of our practices, we want to make sure that we respond to any concerns that you have about the merger. We want to reassure you that providing excellent clinical care now, and in the long term, is our first and foremost concern and that the decision we are proposing and any changes we will make will be done with as little impact as possible.

We are now launching a four week engagement process. If you have any queries, comments or concerns please send these in writing to Ryan Hewitt, Glenside Medical Centre, Glenside Rise or Claire Oatway, Beacon Medical Group, Plympton Health Centre by 31st January 2017.

For more background click here: Patient Engagement-merger

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