Patient Notice: Ivybridge Medical Practice

Patient Notice: Ivybridge Medical Practice

From Monday 3rd April 2017 Dr Richard Perrett will no longer be available to see patients at our Ivybridge Medical Practice. Dr Perrett will be providing patient continuity and care for those registered at our Wotter Surgery. Whilst he is sad to leave Ivybridge we know that the patients at Wotter will benefit from his experience and knowledge and they will be receiving a great clinician.

Patients will be able to see any of our other doctors at our Ivybridge site or across the Beacon Group.


Doctors at Ivybridge are:

Dr Stephen Harris

Dr Rebecca Evans

Dr Matthew Funnell

Dr David Gwynne

Dr Amy Newstead

Dr Gary Davies

Dr Jill Knowles

Dr Lucy Hamilton

Dr Lauren Mitchell

If you have any concerns about accessing GP services at Ivybridge please contact Cathy Bazley on site.


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